The C++ backend for Jupyter interactive widgets.


xwidgets is a C++ implementation of the Jupyter interactive widgets protocol. The Python reference implementation is available in the ipywidgets project.

xwidgets enables the use of the Jupyter interactive widgets in the C++ notebook, powered by the cling C++ interpreter and the xeus-cling kernel. xwidgets can also be used to create applications making use of the Jupyter interactive widgets without the C++ kernel per se.

xwidgets and its dependencies require a modern C++ compiler supporting C++14. The following C++ compilers are supported:

  • On Windows platforms, Visual C++ 2015 Update 2, or more recent

  • On Unix platforms, gcc 4.9 or a recent version of Clang


We use a shared copyright model that enables all contributors to maintain the copyright on their contributions.

This software is licensed under the BSD-3-Clause license. See the LICENSE file for details.